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Amaraswamy Exporters is a registered mercantile trading company. Promoted and managed by professionals with years of experience in related fields like Finance, Management, Commerce, Supply Chain and Building construction materials, it was formed primarily to cater to the growing demand for select Indian commodities and other Food products in the overseas markets.

India is and has always been a land of plenty. Throughout history it has been a major point on all trade routes. Its Foods and spices have been made their way across all continents and still enjoy the patronage of the rest of the world.

About the President

Amaraswamy Mohan Rao is a dynamic entrepreneur, who is an Engineer & an Architect and  is the proficient chairman and managing director of the company, Ramya Cold Storage Pvt. ltd, one of the leading companies in the world of storage business in the Chilly capital of the world, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is extremely passionate about Food Processing Industry and constantly looking for ways to broaden his horizons through varied establishments in the field. Hence the birth of Amaraswamy Exporters, Ramya Food Processing Inc., Ramya foods & Spices.

His exuberance and earnest desire to serve has led him to be the Vice President of  "Andhra Pradesh Cold Storages Association" and as an executive member of  other Associations .

  • “We source products according to our company policies, to ensure the very best”

  • “We exercise our contacts and influence, to ensure nothing short of the best products available at any given time.”

  • “We have set up an independent Cold Storage unit in Guntur to ensure availability of the finest quality of Spices, Herbal Products and perishables at all seasons.”

  • “We keep our clients informed about the changes and developments in the Indian export scenario.”

Cold Storage

Ramya cold storage is one of the leading cold storage units in Andhra Pradesh. Ramya cold storage unit is a dream come true for farmers and traders and play vital role in preserving the Perishable Goods .We maintain excellent standards of Storing. The products can be stored during the season and get better prices when the markets increase during the off-season.

Involving the latest technology, this unit has been designed to accommodate mainly commodities like Dry Chillies, Turmeric and  all other Spices, Seeds, Medical and Bio-medical products.

Ramya Cold Storage has a capacity of 5,000 Tons. It can store up to 160,000 Chilli bags, each bag contains 25 kgs to 35 Kgs . Guntur is the world's largest producer of dry red Chillies and we get 12 Million bags of Chillies to Market yard during the season per annum.

Foods & Spices


'Quality first, business next.' is our motto. It is not just in words but we justify it in deeds also. We follow an age-old simple formula to provide people with excellent quality and doing business under given time with ethics. Our high quality and excellent processing standards makes customers come to us time and again. Our staff have undergone superior training in processing and packing.

In Andhra Pradesh, excellent quality of rice such as Sonamasuri, etc. spices such as Red Chilli and Turmeric are available. Guntur, Andhra Pradesh is world's largest production in Dry Red Chillies. We get different varieties of excellent quality chillies. Ramya Foods & Spices has a great advantage of having its own Cold Storage unit, which is used to store them during the yielding season. This enables us to provide the finest quality of products throughout the year.

We are currently supplying to USA. We provide in bulk or we can provide under your brand name. Our quality speaks for itself, it is what makes Ramya Foods & Spices a household name today. Quality in what you see and what you get.

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    #3-21-17, IInd Line, Ravindra Nagar,
    New Pattabhipuram, Guntur,
    Andhra Pradesh, India - 522 006
  • +91 (863) 2232898, +91 98490 84568